Beauty Customer Story

How UR Cosmetics gained 15K Instagram followers in 4 months

The Goal

Inspire trust and spread awareness of brand values 

A core tenant of You Are Cosmetics' brand identity is being 100% cruelty-free and vegan so it was essential that they found influencers with shared values to partner with on their campaigns. They understood it's difficult to stand out on social media so they knew they had to turn to influencers to help them build a strong and engaged community. 
The Solution

Highly targeted influencer marketing campaigns and community management

Thanks to Octoly's targeting capabilities, You Are Cosmetics was able to source and select influencers based on their interests as well as their #hashtags and @mentions. This ensured that the influencer's community was receptive to and shared their brand values, which helped to drive interest in You Are Cosmetics' mission and products.
Through consistent community management, including reposting influencer content, responding to comments and mentions, and partnering with high-performing influencers on a repeat basis, they were able to increase their brand awareness with a relevant audience. In 4 months, they partnered with 1068 influencers on relevant seasonal campaigns (Christmas, Mother's Day, etc.) to create over 1,100 engaging social media posts and were able to grow their following by 15K! 
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Industry: Beauty
Location: Aix-en-Provence, France
The Results in 4 Months
Influencer Posts on Social Media
Total Interactions
Engagement Rate
New Followers
“At our core, we value honesty and authenticity any content we feature and the Octoly community excels at creating unique content that is consistent with our brand values. We want to connect with influencers on a daily basis about their own expectations and the expectations of their community in order to encourage high-quality content. With Octoly, we are able to quickly change our campaign strategies, as needed. As a brand, it helps us to breathe new life into our campaigns and strengthen our credibility.”
Victoire Clément
Head of Communication

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