How Merci Handy collaborated with hundreds of influencers in four different markets

The Goal

Managing hundreds of micro-influencers in one place

Merci Handy has been working with micro-influencers from the start. The brand observed that, in its case, micro-influencers were a more profitable acquisition channel than macro-influencers. However, it also meant working with hundreds of creators. So the company needed an all-in-one solution to scale.
The Solution

Octoly’s all-in-one platform was also an entry point into new markets

By teaming up with Octoly, Merci Handy could not only contact and build a relationship with hundreds of micro-influencers but also see the results of its campaigns, all in one place. When the brand decided to expand to other markets such as Spain, Italy or Germany, Octoly helped it find new collaborations, increase brand awareness and generate conversion.
The Results
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likes on Instagram
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Merci Handy Logo
Industry: Lifestyle
Location: Paris, France
Founded in: 2014
"Octoly saved us an incredible amount of time. We have everything on the same platform: the requests, the conversations, and the reports. On top of that, we manage four markets. The platform provides a great return on investment."
Louis Marty
CEO @ Merci Handy

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