How OnePiece increases its brand awareness and generates sales through mid- and long-tail influencers

The Goal

Promote a wide array of products and chose to target a very broad community in terms of style, age and subscriber count.

OnePiece had two objectives: they need to develop brand awareness and generate sales at the same time. Also, one requirement was to control the message and push the right products to the right audience.
In order to track performance, they usually send influencers a tracking link and a set of promo codes. This helps them track their results, see what works and what doesn’t, and make adjustments for their next campaigns.
The Solution

Generate a 8x ROI driving sales with influencers

Thanks to Octoly, OnePiece can now finally keep track of all their interactions with every single influencer - remembering everything is key, and they make sure of that by using Octoly as their Influencer CRM.
Octoly helps OnePiece amplify their visibility on YouTube & Instagram with great efficiency. As they say, "We couldn’t have done all this by ourselves, let alone obtain these kind of results in such a short time frame."
The Results
Sales ROI
influencers reached
videos & photos
likes & views
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Industry: Fashion
Location: London, United Kingdom
Employees: 121
“Octoly allowed us to discover new talent - two-thirds of the creators we’ve been working with on the platform were completely new to us.”
Alexandre Catillon
Marketing Manager France at OnePiece

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