Beauty Customer Story

How Sexy Hair effectively connects with influencers who are a good fit for their brand

The Goal

Build a relationship with influencers to produce inspiring content

Sexy Hair understood the role influencers play in making or breaking a brand early on. The company also recognized that a strong connection between them would lead to high volumes of organic and inspirational content.
The Solution

A constant dialogue with micro-influencers for an endless stream of content

Octoly gave Sexy Hair access to a vast pool of micro-influencers, who were the answer to the company’s content needs. To create a stronger bond with its influencers, Sexy Hair was in constant communication with them.
Once the reviews or tutorials were in, Sexy Hair reused influencers’ content, with their permission, on its social channels, in its newsletter and even on its product pages. Thanks to Octoly, the brand could achieve its content goal with 1,529 reviews by 622 influencers in 12 months.
The Results
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Industry: Beauty
Location: Chatsworth, CA
Founded in: 1998
"Producing video content is time-consuming and expensive. We needed a machine to produce content on an ongoing basis. It was a no-brainer for me to start using Octoly."
Jill Pauley
Online Marketing Director @ Sexy Hair

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