Haircare Customer Story

How Slash Haircare reached 1.8 million  consumers within 3 months of launching

The Goal

Gain visibility and brand awareness in a crowded industry

Slash Haircare knew that a strong presence on social media was essential to launching the brand and ensuring it stood out in a crowded category. They understood that influencer marketing is a vital component of any launch strategy and they needed to choose their partner carefully.
The Solution

Collaborate with relevant micro-influencers to produce high-quality and engaging content

Slash Haircare tested a variety of strategies on Octoly (Youtube vs Instagram content, bundling products vs sending singles), and was able to identify the best performing campaigns to replicate their success.
By including "how-to" videos in the campaign briefs, they were able to ensure that the influencers were educated on how to use the products properly and could get a sense of the unique branding, which was highlighted in the influencer-generated content. In just 3 months, Slash Haircare was able to activate 38 micro-influencers and reach over 1.8 million potential new customers, successfully creating conversations on Instagram that lead to increased site traffic and awareness of a hot new haircare brand.
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Industry: Beauty and Haircare
Location: New York City, United States
The Results in 90 Days
Influencers Activated
Total Interactions
Engagement Rate
“When you launch a new beauty brand, it is key to work with influencers to get visibility and create awareness on social media. Thanks to Octoly's vast network of high-quality influencers, we were able to accomplish our goals quickly and save a lot of time in the process.”
Francois Viargues
Co-founder and CEO

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