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About Octoly: Reach a unique community of 40,000+ influencers and 300,000+ consumers

Octoly is a gifting platform for influencers. Our unique platform connects brands to over 40,000 influencers and 300,000 consumers on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Instagram Stories with over 1 billion collective subscribers — generating authentic social media posts and product reviews on your products at scale.

In today’s social world, it’s imperative to leverage unbiased reviews to drive sales. Octoly allows you to do this by gifting products at scale—so that trust and authenticity between your brand and the influencer community remain at the forefront. Through a mobile app, our community of influencers can select free products to review, while brands can choose who they want to review them. We connect our community of influencers with your brand to create authentic content. Octoly operates in 7 countries (France, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy and Poland) with offices in Paris and New York.