Top 25 Fashion brands on Instagram and YouTube - August 2018

Want to grow your engagement on social? Perk up your influencer marketing strategy? Learn from the best fashion brands! Get inspired by the 25 best-performing fashion brands in Europe and the US.

About the Top 25

Every month, we're releasing a ranking of the 25 highest performing brands on Instagram and YouTube in the beauty, fashion and lifestyle industries in five countries (US, France, Germany, Spain and Italy). Octoly breaks down the rankings per country along with a global and Europe overview. This month’s ranking is dedicated to fashion brands on Instagram and YouTube.


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Through a mobile app, our community of influencers can select free products to review, while brands can choose who they want to review them. We connect our community of influencers with your brand to create authentic content. Octoly operates in 5 countries (France, United States, Germany, Spain and Italy) with offices in Paris and New York.