Measure the impact of your influencer marketing campaigns with live analytics

Optimize your campaigns and influencer marketing strategy by leveraging our analytics dashboard. Have a clear real-time overview of any metric you'd like to follow: views, likes, clicks, EMV or reach.

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Track the KPIs that matter without the hassle

Measuring the success of your influencer marketing campaigns can be tricky. From the number of products sent to the amount of engagement generated, head over to your reports to find it all in one place.

Find all your reviews in one place

Have a clear overview of all the reviews your collaborations generated for your brand. Select your favorite influencers and connect with the them instantly!

Compare performance between your influencers

Who are your most loyal influencers? Which ones are constantly making your product a hit? Who should you contact for this next special op.? It'll be obvious from now on.

Influencer marketing reports

Analyze the evolution of your data, compare campaigns and platforms. No more wondering why one product outperformed on Instagram Stories or why you got so much traffic from YouTube last week. Octoly makes reporting easy as pie.
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Logistics made simple

Requests approved, the order funnel, the state of your stock, you’ll find all this information and more in the operational reports. Thanks to Octoly, logistics don’t have to be a pain point when you collaborate with hundreds of influencers.

Your reviews’ performance in the blink of an eye

Thanks to our platform, you’ll be able to see the performance of each of your reviews: number of likes, views, comments, average engagement rate … To top it off you can share your results with your colleagues with a single link.
Get Authentic Reviews At Scale

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