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Anastasia Beverly Hills - How Instagram skyrocketed ABH

The Vision

A brand for all skin tones

Anastasia Soare came to America and in 1997, built an empire out of eyebrows.
Popularized through her customer relationships with many of the world’s most recognizable faces - Oprah, Naomi Campbell, Kim Kardashian, to name a few, the “brow revolution” she ignited, became a landmark contribution to beauty history.
Soares has always wanted to educate women and teach them which makeup suited them the most.
Unlike most top brands at the time, she wanted to create a brand for all skin tones.
How they're doing it

Give products at scale using micro-influencers

Anastasia relies on thousands of smaller influencers who receive products usually 1 to 3 weeks before each launch. They distribute products based on YouTubers’ videos or Instagrammers’ photo quality and makeup artistry, rather than the number of followers.
Averaging 62 posts per week, Anastasia’s account also sees the highest engagement - measured by gathering number of likes, shares and comments, with an average of 68,000 interactions per post.
The brand has the highest EMV on Instagram. To put this into perspective, ABH has almost double the earned media value of MAC - which dominates every other social media platform, on Instagram.

The power of genuine reviews

Influencers post their looks on Instagram or on YouTube by adding hashtags to be recognised and promoted by the brand.
In exchange, the brand constantly ‘regrams’ on Instagram. By doing that, more and more followers post about Anastasia’s products in the hope of being regramed. Even celebrities post about Anastasia Beverly Hills products without even being asked. Hence, Anastasia’s #1 rank in Octoly top 25 Instagram Beauty brands.

Master the chit-chat around your brand

Anastasia Soare uses the company’s account for personal usage. One page, one single meeting place with your followers. With this in mind, Anastasia and her daughter Norvina have created a direct connection with their followers and made themselves known as beauty gurus.
The brand constantly interacts with its audience and sees what they like or dislike:
“By speaking directly with consumers on social platforms, responsive brands can innovate to meet real-time shopper demands…This is how a product starts”- Anastasia Soare

Drive commerce with Stories

By becoming an early adopter on Instagram Stories, ABH has been able to produce easy and cheap content on Instagram. In 2017, Anastasia Beverly Hills was posting more than 6 stories per day and has accelerated the pace since, with 8–9 stories per day in 2018. According to L2, 90% of Anastasia’s Stories links to an e-commerce page of its shop.
This is way ahead any other beauty brand on the market. Furthermore, Anastasia is pretty smart at bridging the gap between social and commerce in a way that is not too obvious. The brand uses video tutorials to showcase its products in real life. Considering the heavy usage of linked Stories by Anastasia, it wouldn’t be suprising if it works rather well in terms of sale conversions !
Mabel McLean, L2 Group Beauty Director, on Anastasia Beverly Hills
The creation
ABH logo
Launched in the late 1990s by mother-daughter duo Anastasia and Claudia Soare began as a line for eyebrow pencils, gels and pigments.
Claudia wanted to expand the collection starting off with a contour kit which sold out within hours. Based on that, they developed many other products in the makeup line: the brand now features lip and eye products -but is still best known for its brow products.
Claudia suggested to link Anastasia Beverly Hills to Instagram and suddenly, everything blew up: dubbed the “people’s make-up brand,” ABH has grown cultivating an industry-unique relationship with its core customer via social media.

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