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Kat Von D - A fan-curated strategy

The Vision

A rebellious, individualistic and artistic approach to makeup

After her reality show debut, Kat Von D got approached by beauty bosses at Sephora, in 2008, to start her own makeup line. Famous for her mastery of all things ink, Kat Von D is breaking the mould of traditional beauty.
Having a rebellious, individualistic and artistic approach to makeup, she created a makeup brand that specializes in long-wear, high pigment, and full-coverage collections.
The all-vegan collection features Kat's own designs and personal touches with products she swears by and uses on herself everyday.
How they're doing it

A fan-curated strategy

Fan-curated content is a win for everyone: Customers get to be in the spotlight, and Kat Von D brand gets a break from creating totally original content.
Kat Von D invites her fans to tag their Instagram photos showing her products on themselves with the hashtag #KatVonDBeauty.
The beauty brand then uploads the pictures to Kat Von D Beauty’s website.
This tactic shows future customers new ways to use products and suggests products they may not yet have, without wasting time with photo shoots for every new released item or color.

Made for the beauty obsessed

KatVonDBeauty website is the destination to discover exciting new features such as tutorials, limited-edition products, and exclusive content by Kat Von D.
Her brand is doing two things well: Accommodating consumers’ insatiable thirst for visually stunning reposts from Instagramers and YouTubers and collaborating lately with the Kat Von D Makeup Artistry Collective.
The Artistry Collective is brought together by four makeup artists using Kat Von D’s makeup promoting individuality and posting one video per week on Kat’s YouTube channel generating interesting content for her community.
The creation
Kat Von D logo
Launched in 2010, the company became independent of Sephora, and joined LVMH. Kat Von D Beauty was the original seed brand that later turned into Kendo.
KENDO is dedicated to quality, innovation and authentic storytelling collaborating with global beauty powerhouses. Kat Von D is a sister company with Marc Jacobs Beauty, Formula X Nail, OleHenriksen and Bite.
Beloved for both her artistry and authenticity, Kat Von D is now one of the fastest-growing global beauty brands in the beauty industry.

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