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ColourPop - The power of collaboration

The Vision

Cut out the middleman

Owners, Laura and John Nelson grew up with Spatz Labs, Oxnard, CA, came up with a plan to cut out the middleman within the beauty industry as a small side project.
They realised that what was missing was the ability to give customers the products they want while they STILL want them!
Very quiet and discreet, the founders don’t want to be direct reps of the brands. They let social media and their collaborators do the work.
How they're doing it

The power of collaboration

Trend and innovation is nurtured internally and externally; Colour Pop is inspired directly from its customers and their chemists work with the social media and customer service teams to develop and create new products.

What do Kathleen Lights and Karrueche have in common?

Both have collaborated with the brand and have created their own collection of products. ColourPop now boasts 4.1 million followers on its Instagram account and gets daily mentions by makeup enthusiasts, vloggers and models.

An Instagram strategy

Influencers post their looks on Instagram or on YouTube adding hashtags to be recognised by ColourPop.
The brand ‘regrams’ the influencers looks on Instagram and shares them. It’s a mutual beneficial system, where the influencer is more publically exposed - the brand shows interest in its consumers, which is very appreciated by all online communities.
The creation
ColourPop logo
They created Seed Beauty in 2014. The idea is to create a one-stop shop for creating new beauty brands. Colour Pop is a sister company with Kylie Cosmetics.
ColourPop is a fun brand that empowers people to be playful and experiment with products in a way that isn’t intimidating and makes them feel good about themselves.
The brand is part of the beauty startups to watch in 2017.

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