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DECIEM - The Abnormal Beauty Company

The Vision

Engage with consumers

Brandon Truaxe founder of DECIEM, ex-computer science student, and having a 20-year old background co-working with various beauty brands, was told he couldn’t work on more than one thing at a time, but he proved everyone wrong.
Truaxe refers to himself as “screwed up”, admittedly hates the beauty business and considers the industry is a scam : “That’s why I decided not to hire anyone who has ever worked in beauty before.
He branded Deciem as “The Abnormal Beauty Company” with the goal of making medical-grade products that work and don’t cost a fortune. Their most expensive product rings in at $200, but the majority of their offerings fall under $10.
How they're doing it

Beaking the rukes

DECIEM believes that there is a lack of loyalty to functional beauty - especially anti-ageing- which will increase and that is welcoming innovation. Nevertheless, brand loyalty to colour cosmetics will likely grow as this category is largely fashion led. DECIEM knows that the current mentality is “How do I look best immediately” and that the mentality of consumers will evolve to “How do I maximize my skin health so I age better?”.
Truaxe is observing from a close-distance consumers’ expectations and is jumping on every single opportunity.
TBy being more knowledgeable about what’s in their products and what they apply on their skin, Truaxe is making his consumers ‘Skintellectuals’.
Customers are so pleased with the results that they’re all recommending DECIEM’S brands via social networks, blogs and vlogs without being sponsored by the brand.

Affordable and innovative

The Ordinary is the third skincare concept to be launched under the DECIEM umbrella, following Hylamide and NIOD. The Ordinary exists because DECIEM believes that there should be a choice in all things and they also believe in delivering simple messages.
The Ordinary’s goal is to bring familiar and often overpriced ingredients to the consumer at an honest and affordable price. That way, consumers can test certain buzzy products and ingredients before committing hundreds of dollars to products that might not work for their skin.
The Ordinary takes the basic research from its sister brands and uses simpler formulas and more generic ingredients to create products that are more wallet-friend. The Ordinary’s sister brands like NIOD and Hylamide have much more advanced formulas, and therefore higher price points, but research and development for all of DECIEM brands are the same.
The creation
Truaxe and his team focused on many brands in many segments at the same time letting his team constantly dedicated and excited. The multitude of brands and processes from manufacturing to marketing are done in-house. Combined together, they’re doing more for each and every one of their brands.
The Ordinary brand translates an ingredient-led strategy and a masstige price point into outsized buzz and organic visibility. Thanks to this type of strategy, DECIEM positions itself as an outsider of the beauty industry. The brand riots against color, long ingredient descriptions and self-deprecation. It is now a an umbrella of beauty brands, including Fountain, Hand Chemistry, HIF (Hair is Fabric), NIOD (Non-Invasive Options in Dermal science) and The Ordinary.

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