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Drunk Elephant - The power of word of mouth

The Vision

If there's any doubt, it's out!

Looking year after year for products that would suit her sensitive skin, Tiffany Masterson decided that she‘d like to create her own products.
She had an intoxicatingly straightforward approach to skin care and her ethos was clear :
     If there‘s any doubt, it‘s out!
Realising that she‘d never make anything that she wouldn‘t put on her face, her vision was simple: provide non-toxic and efficacious products andas being entirely transparent about the ingredients.
Naming it Drunk Elephant after a myth that says that elephants love to eat the fruit that has fallen from the Marula trees. Once eaten, fermentation occurs inside their very large tummies and the elephants become drunk.
How they're doing it

Staying independant and growing strong

This notion of expanding and building a business without the goal of immediately selling it to one of the beauty-industry giants is becoming somewhat of a trend: The strategy of remaining independent until the brand has become established as a major industry player is essential for Drunk Elephant’s creator.

It's all about word of mouth

Always inspired by the “less is more” expression, Masterson delivers top-of-the-line products with no bad fragrances, chemicals or allergic sensitizers . Thanks to this, she says that the brand has never paid an influencer to date and doesn’t advertise at this time. She believes and relies entirely on people who carry good news to others because it’s the most authentic value for a brand and that buyers really know what’s best for their skin so only they, can deliver an honest review about the products today.

Small but mighty

Drunk Elephant line is a small line, but tends to make each product count, or at least puts an unconventional twist on the norm. They work on impressive products and extremely smart and minimal styled packaging.

An involved brand

They get over a thousand likes on most of their posts and dozens of comments, praise and questions that come in daily - many of these questions, if not most, receive individualized replies. The brand is highly requested worldwide and their social media team is on top of it all.
And most of all, they inform and educate people about ingredients used in their product line. A brand that talks is a brand that works.
The creation
Drunk Elephant logo
After years of listening, learning and months of studying ingredients, her brand was born.
Drunk Elephant, based out of LA, California, was started in 2012.
Masterson developed the brand out of a desire to create natural-themed formulas that were truly effective.
Beyond effectiveness, she wanted to leave out what wasn’t effective and create products with toxic-free formulas.
All with zero endorsements or ads, sales went up 400% in 2016.
Top companies are now battling to invest in what is considered as one of the fastest-growing skin care companies in Sephora history.

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