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Fenty Beauty - An explosive success

The Vision

Another Kendo success

Once again, Kendo Beauty has hit hard the beauty industry. The famous LVMH incubator (Kat Von D, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Bite…) worked with Rihanna to create her vision of beauty. She said “Fenty Beauty was created for everyone: For women of all shades, personalities, cultures and races. I wanted everyone to feel included.”
Considering that the beauty industry has historically failed to represent people of color in advertising and with products, Rihanna has taken the matter in her own hands. Fenty Beauty must stay true to Rihanna’s vision, which is why she got involved from the start in the creative process of the products.
How they're doing it

Changing the conversation about Beauty

An inclusive and powerful campaign

Fenty seems invincible today. Releasing 90 products for its first campaign in one go and leaving no skin tone behind, has propelled the brand to the top making it the leader of diversity and inclusivity in the beauty industry. Thanks to its large variety of beauty products containing a 40 shade foundation range, a universal lip gloss shade and now extravagant lipstick colours and eye shadows, Fenty is proving that the brand is unstoppable.
Numerous are the brands that are still struggling with releasing more than 20 foundation shades…

A game changer for the beauty industry

The company recorded $72.0 m in earned media value in just one month – most of it provided from Instagram ($45.2 m), beating out long-established labels such as NYX ($51.5 m), Benefit ($48.1 m) and Urban Decay ($37.0 m). Because Fenty Beauty has changed the diversity standard, beauty brands are starting to diversify their campaigns by adding more women of colour to their PR lists, social media pages, in their ads and so forth.

Rihanna, a beloved and trusted figure

Fenty Beauty isn’t only a name that Rihanna slapped on products. It represents her personal curated creations, her own version of makeup.
Renowned for being a brilliant businesswoman: she is a singer, an actress and a fashion designer for her FENTY x PUMA line (highly respected in the fashion world), she is also strongly backed up by her loyal fans she names the “Rihanna Navy”.

The brand's core: Rihanna's fan base

Because Rihanna has never made a misstep in her career, everyone’s expectations were high. On social media the madness was real and everyone was definitely not disappointed.
PR kits and launch party invitations were sent to YouTube beauty bloggers and make-up artists, with small and large followings who had the power to influence their followers' spending. Social media beauty influencers praised the diversity, quality and inclusivity that the products represent.
Many got emotional and spoke about the joy of having products that truly represent them.

Influencers can't get enough of Fenty

The Fenty campaign the “new generation of beauty” included models of all colors, shapes and sizes. Rihanna created a much-needed conversation on diversity within the beauty industry. Thanks to this fundamental debate she started, we are expecting to see many more brands come upfront with a varied array of products made for everyone. Fenty Beauty was the biggest beauty brand on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube in the first month of its release. The feedback on social media was tremendous.
"I'm so happy as an Indian & Pakistani woman with an olive undertone to have been able to walk into Sephora and finally get matched to a foundation that's not orange” - Myra Chaudhary (YouTuber)
"A lot of brands wait to produce products in my shade after establishing their product lines, but Fenty Beauty gave me an option right away” – Nyajal Dup (YouTuber)

The verdict

Beauty Influencers are some of the most vocal and most influential people on social media and beauty reviews have become something it is impossible for beauty brands to ignore. Reviewers encourage their audiences to join the conversation in the comments section to give tips and advice. Rihanna has been releasing since September 2017 new products nearly every month which is why other brands must follow the example (start working on their shades!) to keep up.
The creation
Fenty Beauty logo
Her makeup line launched on September 8th 2017, focuses on a wide range of traditionally hard-to-match skin tones, creating formulas that work for all skin types, and pinpointing universal shades. To promote the brand, she used different types of models making it the most diverse campaign of Fall 2017.
When the brand released its first products at Sephora, the feedback was phenomenal: Beauty bloggers, influencers, celebrities, and clients acclaimed the brand that released 40 different shades of foundation the very first week of its release and celebrated the inclusivity that this act represented.
Time line
In November 2017, within 2 months of the brand’s launch, TIME magazine named Fenty Beauty one of the 25 best inventions of 2017.
Time Magazine
In November 2017, the brand won 3 awards at the Beauty Innovators Awards organized by Refinery 29. Awarded for Innovator of The Year, Best Foundation and Best Beauty Campaign.
Beauty Awards
In December 2017, Fenty Beauty won WWD's 2017 Beauty Inc. Award for "Launch of the Year" in the prestige sector.
Beauty NYC

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