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Huda Beauty - How a blogger built an empire

The Vision

A brand full of personality

While studying finance, Huda Kattan realized that she was truly passionate about beauty and that it wasn’t only a hobby. When she moved to the Middle East - Dubai, most women weren’t properly equipped with the right tools and hadn’t received a proper education about makeup.
Wanting to bridge the gap, Huda flew to Hollywood to study makeup with Joe Blasco a famous makeup artist. It wasn’t until she studied makeup that she realized she had more to offer than traditional beauty or makeup tips that anyone could find on the internet. Her wish was to include as much of her personality as possible in the brand.
How they're doing it

A real relationship with the customers

Since the success of her false eyelashes, Kattan has expanded towards new categories such as lip gloss, eye-shadows, nail accessories and henna tattoos, and is among the best-selling cosmetics brands in Sephora in Dubai and Harrods in London. The business is now selling at Selfridges, Cult Beauty, Harrods, and on its website.
Huda Kattan’s great online presence has made her aware of social media’s strength. Thanks to Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and of course, her blog, she has become a trustful source of information to many, helps many women embrace makeup and regularly educates them. She maintains strong and positive relationships with other beauty brands and followers via her blog - which also happens to be her online shop.
She carries on talking about beauty brands, which has allowed her to maintain her “influencer status” and still seem relatable and genuine to her followers.

Everyone wants a piece of Huda

Huda Beauty’s followers strongly identify to Huda Kattan and add in comments’ sections, the hashtag #hudabeauty on Instagram, whenever they watch new tutorials and quirky beauty hacks that make them think of her – and even on posts that aren’t related to her in the first place! This way, her name is constantly part of a viral loop and keeps gaining strong traction on the social platform. Huda Beauty has become synonymous with beauty: in the same way users tag #beauty, they tag #hudabeauty. To this day, Huda Beauty counts over 11 million posts related to the hashtag #hudabeauty.
“The size and amplification of this community is an incredible testament to Kattan’s own instinctive skills and ability to speak with people, not at them,” “It’s not just about the products, it’s about her sharing outside content, and always remaining inclusive and personal.”
“This speaks to the undeniable power of influencers, especially those in the beauty sphere. Kattan built a cult following all on her own thanks to social media, and the fact the brands are trying to leverage her influence without having any affiliation to her proves that she has surpassed them.”

A brand made for the beauty obsessed

Each influencer is considered as a potential ambassador for many brands and Huda Kattan and her partners haven’t neglected this important aspect of social media. On Huda Beauty’s Instagram, the posts often feature micro-influencers using the brands’ products. Kattan’s cosmetic line has gained in popularity and created an attentive and strong community as she regularly reposts content made by her beauty guru fans. The content is posted on Instagram 2 to 5 times a day and equally on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.
Alongside her own makeup brand, Huda carries on talking about brands she loves on her blog and to this day, she is one of the highest paid Instagram influencers and earns $18,000 for each sponsored post.
She is one of the fastest growing names in the beauty industry, and to this day, one of the most important beauty influencers in the world.

The next moves: Major investments

After such success, Huda Kattan would like to return the favor by becoming an incubator for brands and help redefine the beauty business community.
Following the same steps as Sephora (Accelerate) and Unilever (New Voices fund), Huda Kattan has secured an investment deal with TSG Consumer Partners which will allow Huda Beauty to expand globally and launch her programme. “Huda Beauty Angels” will help financially, mentor and advise entrepreneurs in the beauty and wellness industries. Huda’s brand is present in 40 Sephoras in the US and would like to expand in order to become more accessible. Consumers have been yearning for it and Huda Beauty has heard their prayers… her brand now caters for a wide range of skin tones. Huda beauty can only go big from now on!
The creation
Huda Beauty logo
With her family’s help, Huda managed to create an empire very rapidly. She created a blog in 2010 and in parallel started her Instagram in May 2012. In 2013, the influencer-created brand launched a small line of false eyelashes at Sephora and the number of followers on Instagram started increasing: going from 20k to today’s impressive figure of nearly 26 million followers (June 2018).
Followers and makeup fans flock each day to her Instagram to discover her latest makeup beauty looks and entertaining makeup hacks. Armed with skill, perfect eyelashes and impeccable contouring, it wasn’t long until she became a blogging and Instagram sensation !

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