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Jouer - A playful approach to beauty

The Vision

A customizable experience

As a model, Christina Zilber used to sit in the hair and makeup chair and analyze what artists where doing on set. She was constantly on the lookout for new kinds of products that would represent the ideal makeup for the working woman.
One day when she was on set, one of the artists put together a palette and gave her the idea to compose her own products and stick them together.
Not finding anything like it in the beauty industry, she decided to create it herself, envisioning a line of easy, fun, and portable colors you could combine to create customizable palettes.
How they're doing it

For women on-the-go

Christina is the definition of a busy workingwoman. Juggling between her life as an entrepreneur, mother and wife she creates cosmetics for women who just like her, throw makeup on in very little time.
She spends a lot of time with her daughter on their YouTube channel to discuss the products they each enjoy using- enabling Jouer to reach out to two generations. The cruelty-free brand offers today over 200 products ranging across face, lips, cheeks and eyes.

Marketing through packaging -- don't forget to play

With compacts that connect “Lego-like” to create customized makeup palettes, Jouer allows women to carry around what they want, when they want. Christina Zilber believes in the actual fun you gain out of composing your own products. The workingwoman -and now younger generation, has less time to apply too many products, which is why Jouer is an amazing solution to click a few products together and hop off to work or… school!

Influencers are talking authetically and engaging with their audiences

Jouer Cosmetics encourages its customers to create and post their looks with the hashtag #JouerCosmetics or #AwayWithJouer on Instagram in order to share, gain and give a maximum of visibility to the brand.
In return, the looks are reposted on Instagram and on Jouer’s website in the section “social looks” – If the website user likes a look, he/she can click on it and discover which product the Instagrammer has used.

Top influencers are helping the brand gain exposure

Bigger influencers such as Jeffree Star are helping the brand gain more exposure as well as celebrating beauty and diversity.
Jeffree Star recently created a buzz around the brand for collaborating with Jouer and giving away promo codes – something the celebrity rarely does. In return, all the profits he gains from the brand are donated directly to LGBT Centers to create more awareness.
The creation
Jouer logo
Launched in 2008, Jouer Cosmetics offers a playful approach to beauty with simple colors to wear and an ingenious design. Christina wanted her cosmetics line to fulfill two functions: contain excellent care ingredients and improve the appearance of the skin with each use. Customers enjoy the nourishing formulas and timeless colors and discussing with the brand to share their opinion on the way the brand has changed their skin.
The now award-winning brand, is a line of makeup for people who have exceptionally high standards in regards to quality in makeup and want a more modern approach to beauty: simple and easy to wear colors with the best ingredients.

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