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Makeup Geek - Education above all

The Vision

Beauty through education

Marlena Stell – at the time a high school music teacher, created her YouTube beauty channel in 2008 and established a very personal connection with her fan base. Considering top brands raise their prices with unnecessary ad-ons, and drugstore brands aren’t of amazing quality, she decided she wanted to create her own brand.
She did a lot of research before starting her own cosmetics line, and in 2009 launched the website, to educate about beauty and teach about enhancing people’s own unique beauty.
How they're doing it

Co-branded products and limited-editions

Marlena Stell didn’t want to be in the constant spotlight of her brand which is why she reached out to other famous vloggers like Kathleen Lights. The brand truly came to the forefront with its collaboration with the vlogger Manny MUA and its amazing, pigment-rich eye shadows. This has helped the brand create major visibility and reach out to audiences that have never heard of the brand before.

A dedicated space for beauty fans

There is a dedicated space for influencers and beauty mavens on the website They can upload video tutorials or pictures and tag the products on the side to show what they have used to create their looks. This helps the brands create a very searchable and shoppable eco system of user and influencer generated content.
Makeup Geek curates their submissions by adding their favorite looks on the first page and repost on Twitter and Instagram. This is a win-win for both parties as influencers can add a link to their Instagram and YouTube accounts from Makeup Geek’s website leading them to gain more followers and Makeup Geek in return gains a lot of visibility in front of their artists’ Instagrams and YouTube channels.

Powerful advocacy thanks to micro-influencers

The fan base created from Stell’s YouTube channel definitely helped propel her business early on, but social media was able to take it to the next level.
She crowdsources products and ideas with her audience, and in exchange sends off gifts of the product line to those who participated in contests for names or color preferences.
Makeup Geek has curated a vlogger centric eco-system leveraging both top and micro-influencers with beauty-specific credibility.
Marlena Stell refuses to neglect smaller influencers who generate great user generated content especially on Instagram these days.
Thanks to this, Makeup Geek is one of the buzziest color cosmetics in terms of visibility and mentions.
The creation
Makeup Geek logo
She partnered with other cosmetics brands, and did a revenue share for any products she sold from her site, and sales rose to $200,000 monthly. Today, Makeup Geek is composed of a beauty-passionate team with a desire to give the very best of makeup education and products and is named to the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing companies list.
The brand is committed to sharing useful beauty tips, supporting positive beauty messaging and selling exceptional products at affordable prices.

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