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NA-KD - A lesson on influencer marketing

The Vision

A Social Movement

After founding two e-commerce businesses ( and serial entrepreneur Jarno Vanhatapio launched NA-KD in 2015. Targeting millenials through stylish yet affordable clothes, NA-KD quickly imposed itself as a must in fast fashion.
With this new adventure, Jarno aimed to create more than just an online direct to consumer fashion brand, he wanted to create a social movement destined to flood Instagram accounts all over the world.
How they're doing it

Work with micro-influencers at scale

NA-KD quickly learned an important lesson: It’s better to work with a large group of influencers who have smaller followings than a small group of influencers who have larger followings. They knew right away that micro- to-mid-influencers would be their bread and butter.
Once they discovered this strategy, they ran with it, gifting thousands of micro-influencers with free products in exchange for authentic reviews on Instagram. They also gave select influencers unique promo codes to share with their audiences. This allowed them to launch messaging at scale and reach niche markets around the world without breaking the bank.
In the first year alone, the NA-KD generated a whopping 750,000 Instagram followers from 150 countries with this approach.

Boost gifting with affiliate marketing and paid collaborations

Gifting isn’t the only way NA-KD partners with influencers. The brand also invites influential bloggers to become brand ambassadors. Once they’re approved, these creators help spread brand awareness by featuring NA-KD banners or links on their sites. In exchange, they receive a commission for the products they sell on their blogs.

Nurture long-term relationships with influencers

NA-KD takes its partnerships to the next level by inviting select influencers to design their own capsule collections. There are currently 10 capsule collections available to buy on the NA-KD website.
NA-KD doesn’t stop there, either. They also run competitions, inviting audiences to vote for the influencer they want to design the next collection. Not only does this save the brand time and effort on research, it also creates anticipation for products that haven’t even hit the market yet.

Nurture long-term relationships with influencers

NA-KD has been so successful that they don’t even need to gift products to influencers anymore. Influencers come to them, using the hashtag #nakdfashion to share their posts and get the brand’s attention. Just look at @matildaasv. With 5K followers, one of her posts was regrammed on NA-KD’s account and received 20K likes. On her own account, the same post only received 300 likes.
In under three years, it’s clear that NA-KD has already built a self-sustainable influencer marketing machine — one that makes competitors turn their heads and re-evaluate the potential of social partnerships.
The creation
NA-KD logo
Swedish fashion retailer NA-KD is only three years old and has already skyrocketed to become one of Europe’s 20 fastest growing companies, racking up 1.6M Instagram followers and over $70M in annual sales.
The secret? Influencer marketing ! Through carefully planned, aggressively executed and always-on influencer marketing, NA-KD has adopted an influencer marketing centered strategy for the long run. Social outreach is baked into their mission and they are running to become one of the most successful online fashion retailers ever.

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