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The Vision

An entrepreneurial experience

With no previous experience in the beauty industry, Rene Xavier Filho, a civil engineer and his wife, Simone Xavier, a veterinarian became entrepreneurs from one day to the next. Rene designed his first set of makeup brushes after friends in Brazil asked him to send American makeup brushes as many brands didn’t export to their country.
The couple went online to learn about brushes, shapes, prices and preferences and realized there was a real gap in the industry regarding distribution, quality and price for brushes. In 2009 they started their business and disrupted the brush industry.
How they're doing it

Sigma Beauty Gurus

The brand says its followers on Instagram are 5 times more likely to click on an image or convert when they see makeup on a person as opposed to an image of the physical product in someone’s hand. As a result, Sigma has created an affiliation section on their website for their “Beauty gurus”. The company now counts thousands of affiliates, like TiffanyD, who get a 10% commission on products sold through links they post to Sigma Beauty’s website.

Sigma's strengths

Sigma has a robust social media following where they post instructional videos. The brand has maintained its status as one of the top social media beauty brands, with its largest community on Instagram where 2.8 million users follow the cult beauty brand. Sigma Beauty utilizes science and engineering to constantly challenge the beauty industry status quo and present its clients with state-of-the-art products.

A brand that meets consumer demands

To get featured on Sigma Beauty’s Instagram, next to reposts of famous beauty vloggers bloggers, consumers post their best looks on Instagram and add the hashtags #sigmabeauty or #sigmabrushes. Forward solutions, function, and quality are what have secured Sigma Beauty's position as a leader in innovation, are the cornerstones of Sigma’s products and what sets them apart from traditional cosmetic companies. Their motto “Innovating beauty” makes sense as they are constantly on the lookout for the latest trends.
Client behavior constantly defines Sigma’s objectives and the “what’s next” products to launch. For instance, if consumers request the comeback of a limited edition product, the brand takes the information into consideration and creates countdowns to drum up the attention around the product.
The creation
Sigma logo
The couple sent TiffanyD, a popular beauty vlogger, some of their brushes hoping for some kind of feedback. Instead, they got a YouTube video in which TiffanyD gushed about the new brushes by Sigma Beauty.
This endorsement led to other ones, making Sigma one of the most recognized, celebrated and fastest growing companies in the the beauty industry. Research is also heavily employed on development of new revolutionary products. With 250+ retailers in more than 70 countries, Sigma Beauty is a global company with a marked presence on all continents.

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