Gifting influencers at scale has never been easier

In today’s social world, it’s imperative to leverage unbiased reviews to drive sales. Octoly allows you to do this by gifting products at scale—so that trust and authenticity between your brand and the influencer community remain at the forefront.

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Aggregate all your influencer requests into one platform

Use Octoly as a influencer CRM. Thanks to our pull model, influencers come to you! Publish your campaigns with the products you want to get reviewed and wait for influencers’ requests. Now all you have to do is to accept or decline.

A proven solution for authentic and honest reviews

At Octoly, we believe that it is essential for influencers and brands alike to remain authentic. Because Octoly influencers are not paid, they remain free to express their honest opinions and stay true to their audiences. This is why their reviews are so much more powerful than paid for collaborations.

An effective and cheap way to reach an engaged audience

Each Octoly influencer is given a quality score, thus ensuring their authentic audience and engagement. This will help you make the right choice when activating creators to work with.

Manage all your orders easily

Once you’ve accepted the requests of the influencers who fit your brand, we’ll take care of the shipping for you. No more logistics hassle for you!
Manage all your orders easily
Get Authentic Reviews At Scale

Check influencers’ audience demographics

Octoly provides you with comprehensive information on the influencers you’re interested in to help you make the right choice. Choose the ones that reflect your values and have similar audiences.

Get hundreds of reviews generating engagement

Thanks to our carefully selected influencers, you’ll get hundreds of great, new, shareable content that will help you raise your brand awareness.
Get engaged reviews at scale

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