Top 25 of the best-performing brands on Instagram and YouTube

Every month, Octoly releases its rankings of the 25 brands with the most engagement on Instagram and YouTube in the beauty and fashion industries, in five countries (US, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy), as well as in Europe and globally.

What are the Octoly Top 25 beauty and fashion rankings?

As social organic reach becomes increasingly limited, brands today have two main options to promote their products on social networks: paid advertising or earned media through influencers. Influencers offer an authentic voice, resulting in a more highly engaged audience compared to paid advertising. Over 90 percent of consumers trust recommendations from other people (even those they don’t know) compared to 50 percent for branded content. Octoly rankings highlight the role influencers play in generating brand awareness, driving website traffic and sales.

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Beyond the Octoly Top 25

Our Top 25 is only a sample of the extensive research our algorithm performs every month. Overall it studies over 1,500 brands on Instagram and YouTube. If you did not see your brand in the Top 25 and would like to know where you stand, let us know. If you are already listed in the Top 25 but would like to know more about your brand’s performance on social media, contact us and we'll be more than happy to discuss it in further details.

How do we measure this?

Not with EMV ... Ranking through earned media value is like a black box, which doesn’t enable brands to truly understand what is happening on social networks. The calculation of earned media value itself has no industry standard. Our ranking seeks to deliver a transparent way for brands to understand how they are featured on social media and how they can better drive their digital strategy.

... but with interactions and posts/videos Every month, we analyze Instagram posts from a panel of 17,800 influencers and YouTube videos from a panel of 6,600 influencers in five countries (US, France, Germany, Spain and Italy). This month, the panels represented 1.5 billion followers and 317,000 posts on Instagram and 821M subscribers and 19,000 videos on YouTube — featuring over 1,100 beauty brands.

... and the share of micro- to mid-influencers One of the main findings of our ranking is that most top-performing brands have mastered the product placement strategy by intensively collaborating with micro- to mid-influencers (those with less than 100,000 followers on Instagram and 200,000 subscribers on YouTube). Despite being often overlooked by brands, these influencers represent a signi cant part of the digital market with their unique and highly-engaged audience. This is why Octoly’s Top 25 separates the share of interactions between micro- to mid-influencers and larger influencers.


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